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Expat Mortgages

A UK Expat is a UK passport holder currently working or living abroad. If you are looking for an expat mortgage back in the UK then it is definitely possible to obtain a mortgage.

The first question before speaking to a lender is deciding whether you want to buy a residential property back in the UK or whether you are looking to purchase an investment property. This is an important question because it will ultimately determine which lender to approach.

If you are looking to buy an investment property and already own a residential property in the UK or another investment property, speaking to the right mortgage broker can save you a lot of time which will ensure a smoother process with your expat mortgage.

Expat Residential Mortgages

Lending options for British expats looking to buy a property in the UK to be used as their primary residence can be varied. Our expert mortgage consultants can offer independent advice for expats so they are able to buy a UK property where they or their family will live.

Expat Buy-to-let-mortgages

Expat Buy-to-let mortgages allow you to invest in the UK property market by purchasing homes in the UK to rent to tenants.

There are plenty of options with deposits around 20% - 25% although the more deposit you have the more options you will have.

Expat Remortgages

If you already own property in the UK and you're thinking about remortgaging, we're happy to help.

We'll evaluate your existing expat mortgage and determine the costs of switching to a new expat lender, taking into account all the associated fees, any early repayment charges and the additional costs of taking out a new mortgage.

Expat remortgages are available to 75% LTV depending on your situation. Expatriate remortgages can be offered with Fixed, Tracker and Discounted rates.

Expat Mortgage FAQ's

What Is the Best Type of Mortgage for Expats?

There are two types of mortgages for expats. Residential expat mortgage if you or a family member live in the property or a Buy To Let expat mortgage if you intend to rent the property out.

Can I Get a Mortgage on a UK Property if I Work Abroad?

Yes. There are an increasing number of expat mortgage lenders who will lend you the money to buy a UK property if you work abroad.

Are There Any Specialist Expat Mortgage Providers or Lenders?

Yes. There are lots of expat mortgage providers from UK high street banks, niche building societies, private banks and even Islamic mortgage providers who like to lend to UK expats.

How Long Does an Expat Mortgage Take?

6-12 weeks. It takes roughly the same time as a standard UK mortgage. Just be aware that some of the smaller banks and building societies do not all use online systems so a few of them may take a little longer.

Can You Arrange a Choice of Lenders for an Expat Buy-to-Let Mortgage?

We would always discuss your expat buy to let mortgage to understand your individual needs and then be able to offer you a selection of lenders to choose from.

How much deposit do I need for an expat mortgage?

20%-25%. Expatriates require a higher deposit that standard UK residents. This can be 20%-25% and is due to the increased risks associated by lending to people who are living overseas.

Can I buy a house in UK if I live abroad?

Yes. If a family member is going to live in the property then you will need an expat residential mortgage. If you intend to rent the property out then it will need to be a buy to let expat mortgage.

Can I get a UK mortgage as an expat?

Yes. There are an increasing number of expat mortgages available to UK people working or living overseas. We have lots of experience and will help understand your particular situation and come up with several expat mortgage options to choose from.

How do expats buy a house in the UK?

The legal process for expats buying a house in the UK is the same as for normal UK residents. The mortgage lender will credit search you and you will need to have all your documents certified by a lawyer or an embassy. You should also have legal representation to work on your behalf.

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