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Large Mortgage Loans

If you are looking for a large mortgage loan, regardless of the complexity of your income we can explore potential financing routes tailored to your situation.

Perhaps you are uncertain with which mortgage lenders to consider, be it high street or private banks, how to present your income and outgoings, or whether or not you are eligible for the best rates, a specialist mortgage lender can greatly ease the process of applying for large mortgage loans.

Our pre-existing relationships with both high street and private banks means that not only do we know exactly how those lenders like applications to be presented to them but we can also negotiate on behalf of our clients to access deals that would otherwise be unavailable. We secure bespoke finance terms for clients wishing to purchase residential and commercial property in the UK with a large mortgage.

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Mortgage Calculators

We have a range of calculators to help make things simpler for you, from calculating payments to understanding how much your stamp duty may be. These calculators are for guidance purposes only.

  • London Emerges As Costliest Place In Britain To Be Landlord At ‘Double National Average’

    London is the most expensive region in Britain to be a landlord – with running costs almost double the national average, says new research. Specialist mortgage lender Kent Reliance's poll figures show the average cost (excluding mortgage c

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    A million pounds was a lot of money once. It still is for most of us but the rise in people with millions, or even billions, in assets means banks are downgrading some accounts and creating a new layer of ultra exclusive services only avail

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  • Building Society Ramps Up Mortgage Price War

    Cynical marketing ploy or a genuine great rate for its customers? The new ultra-low mortgage rate from Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) seems, on the face of it, great news for home buyers. And it’s the latest in the building society’s ongo

    News - 24 April 2017

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